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Things I have learned making LOTR music videos

* Peter Jackson has a serious fetish for Elijah Wood's eyes
* The longest shot of Merry alone is 2.18 seconds
* The longest shot of Frodo alone is 39.56 seconds
* Legolas has three facial expressions.
1) Serene
2) Mildly Disturbed Yet Serene
3) Balrog
* Hobbits can't keep their hands to themselves
* The Men of Middle Earth have serious bad hair issues
* Sam heals faster than any Elf
* Watching a battle frame by frame is funny as all hell
* Watching too many hand-held-camera-filmed battle sequences in a row will give you motion sickness
* Celene Dion is the spawn of the Devil
* Sarah McLachlan's songs can be fit to bloody near anything
* You can watch the boat scene thirty times in one evening and still tear up
* Merry and Pippin apparently share most key brain cells. Their synchronization is at times truly worrysome.
* If Sam is within fifty metres of Frodo, he WILL be looking at him.
* If Sam is not within fifty metres of Frodo, or in some way forced NOT to look at him, he WILL be distraught about it.
* Acne is still an issue whether you're 50 or 3000.
* Aragorn's stubble is always precisely the same length.
* If you watch the Weathertop sequence enough times, the neighbors will bang on the walls. After all, the Ringwraith got his shoulder, not his lungs.

And finally....

* Windows Movie Maker should come with a Surgeon General's warning. "Addictive" does not even begin to cover it.
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